madihome for Business

Innovative solutions and short building time.

madihome is not just a solution for end customers. Our innovative construction method allows you to

- know the construction costs of the structures with extreme precision;

- reduce construction times;

- leaves no room for hidden costs to arise.

These features combine a perfect habitability and comfort of the spaces, arrangements to adapt madihome also for offices, receptive structures and mobile stands for events. Its modularity is also strategic in cases of complex projects.

A madihome building is therefore an optimal choice for those who need to complete their business project quickly and easily.

Facilities for the tourism of the future. Efficient, modern and sustainable.

madihome is a precise answer to the need for sustainable tourism.

In this new type of tourism, a trend that continues to grow, travelers plan their trip looking for the values ​​of ecology and sustainability in the vision of the accommodation that hosts them.

Our houses are energy efficient and the wood comes from certified forest. Furthermore, it integrates perfectly with systems for the supply of electricity, significantly reducing the CO2 production of each structure.

The future of sustainable tourism is already here. Within everyone's reach.

Design and warmth

madihome is not only a project but a precise vision. It combines the desire to build something innovative by giving enormous space to the design and warmth of a wooden structure. Thus creating a unique environment that remains imprinted on all visitors.

Contact our team now. Carry out your project with us.

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Madihome is a brand of a prefabricated house patented from Arch. Renato Vidal 

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